We can arrange from two different types of accommodation
Explore the options and let us know!



If you prefer to stay close to all shops and local restaurants we will accommodate you at Sea Land guesthouse. This is located at Km3 and offers a wide selection of different rooms with one to two beds with or without air-conditioned. It has a kitchen area at dispose of the guests in case you prefer to buy your own ingredients and cook. You can enjoy a really nice outside area at the back overlooking the river-mouth and the sea side where plenty of local fisherman's work everyday. If you're lucky enough to get a spot on the top floor be ready for everyday's breathtaking views at sunset times.

Beach Resort 

If you're the kind that likes to be surrounded by wilderness, then Hawva Beach resort it's the right place for you!



We have the perfect spot for you to learn and catch your first waves.


Km9 Km11

Surfing Little Andaman surf classes takes place between Km9 and Km11. There are plenty of beach breaks allowing the perfect conditions for our students take their first steps in and outside the water.

Classes happen everyday morning time. We pick you up from your guest house and take you for a two hour learning session.


Surf Classes & Gear Rental

Any damages caused during the rental period must be paid for. We request that people take responsibility and take the necessary precautions to avoid any detriment of the gear inside and outside the water.


Surfing Classes

 Duration Private Group
1 day x 2 hours ₹ 1000 (INR) ₹ 800 (INR) - p/person
2 days x 2 hours ₹ 1800 (INR) ₹ 1400 (INR) - p/person
3 days x 2 hours ₹ 2600 (INR) ₹ 2000 (INR) - p/person
1 week x 2 hours ₹ 5800 (INR) ₹ 4200 (INR) - p/person


Surfing Gear Rental

 Board Type 1/2 Day 1 Day
Soft Board ₹ 500 (INR) ₹ 900 (INR) - p/person
Short Board ₹ 300 (INR) ₹ 500 (INR) - p/person
Bodyboard ₹ 200 (INR) ₹ 400 (INR) - p/person